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Featured below are some of our projects from web design to logo design. We do not use templates or WordPress theme, instead creating each site from the ground up for a truly unique website.

Salley Knight is an American textile artist who uses her website as a showcase for her art and writing.

She wanted something clean, to be the almost invisible backdrop to her work. She also wanted the website to exude a sense of calm and stillness.

We removed her old logo and used a classic font instead. We chose the space of the menu and individual elements carefully. We added slideshows where needed to create a gallery feel.

Jaki Walker is a UK based artist who uses Reiki practices in her art. Each piece is infused with energy as well as being visually striking.

Jaki came to us, asking for a full e-commerce website and logo to help re-launch her art business.

Jaki herself is bold and outgoing, so we opted for a stunning modern store layout with a chunky logo. The pink is a nod to her preferred hair colour.

Sam is the human creator of Zoola Mokey, a gang of puppets who perform stories and skits on TikTok.

To help support her income, Sam asked for a full webstore as well as bold and recognoziable branding.

One of Sam’s biggest sellers is her collection of finger puppets which represent her actual gang. We included them in the first slide on her website.

Rosie needed a website that would showcase her work but not be a web store per se. She focuses on commissions over off the peg art.

The website itself was designed to be like a magazine rather than a standard gallery format. We wanted visitors to want to spend time reading and browsing through her content and getting a solid sense of the kind of art Rosie makes.

Ensuring that Rosie herself could update and tweak each page was also critical and she received full video training in that aspect as well.

Sarah approached us for her website and entire business design. She had an idea and needed the follow through.

Based on her descriptions of sexy, powerful and maybe a little bit scary, we created a brand that reflects the history of oracles but without leaning on clichés.

The website itself is clean, easy to use, and set up for Sarah’s clients to easily book time with her. 

Fi is an up and coming artist who wanted a site that reflected her fun but serious side.

The website was designed with an art forward mindset. Fi’s art needed to not compete with her website.

On each page, there’s a banner showing details from a number of paintings. The banner, done in a wave pattern, continues that fun motif throughout the site.

This is an e-commerce site so the shop side was designed to feature both the art and the stories that go with each mage. Browsing and buying is a pain-free process from start to finish.

Tony’s previous website needed help, and as an up and coming photographer in the UK, Tony wanted something bold and artistic.

Since Tony’s work is shown in galleries around England, we opted to create a gallery feel for his website. Bold without being overwhelming, his work is front and centre.

Paula’s side project involves interviewing creative professionals for her podcast entitled, Better Than Cheese.

Wanting to embrace her personality, and the 70s it was born from, we decided to create a nouveau retro style for the website.

Custom illustrations of Paula were done by Emma in Illustrator.

To listen to the podcast, or be a guest on it, hop on over to

Nikki came to us with a request for a beautiful, feminine logo. Her brand has been around for a while but her previous logo did nothing to add to her legitimacy.

Rather than focus on clichés, like featuring the moon prominently,  we tucked it into the word moon. The font chosen reflects the elegance and class that Nikki projects.

Rosie Hodson’s logo was done using her own handwriting coupled with a mono space font. The green dot for the i is a nod to the life she includes in every painting.

Fi is an up and coming artist who wanted a site that reflected her fun but serious side.

Her logo was designed to help her, and her collectors, take her seriously while also having a bit of fun. A nod to the fashion magazine designs of the past while firmly being modern.

Jaki Walker wanted a logo that would be bold and memorable, like she herself is. 

Incorporating her requested colours, we made a tri-colour logo for her that could easily be added to business cards, post cards and more. 

The word “art” was designed to reflect her free brush strokes, with the T topped with a brush head.


Elaine M. Shepherd is a British animal portrait artist who was looking for a logo rebrand. She had decided to shut down her previous company and wanted to operate under her name instead.

Since Elaine’s work fits together, full of patterns and pieces, we wanted to reflect that in her logo while keeping it legible.

Using Elaine’s choice of colours, we created a portrait of her name, celebrating both her work and the fact that she has claimed her own identity as an artist.

Based on Sara’s descriptions of sexy, powerful and maybe a little bit scary, we created a brand that reflects the history of oracles but without leaning on clichés.

The logo comes in 4 variations, each one to represent the various forms of the business. Featured here is the coffee cup, symbolising the intimate conversational aspect of her business.

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